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What is a Government Contractor?

A government contractor is a private company that produces goods or services
under contract for the government. Often the terms of the contract specify cost plus
– i.e., the contractor gets paid for its costs, plus a specified profit margin. Laws
often require governments to award contracts to the low bidder. Some communities
are largely sustained by...

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Government Contractors

Contract means any Government contract or subcontract or any federally assisted
construction contract or subcontract.
Contractor means, unless otherwise indicated elsewhere in the regulations at 29
CFR 60, a prime contractor or subcontractor.
Prime Contractor means any person holding a contract and, for the purposes of this
definition, any person who has held a contract subject to the order (11246).
What Government Contractors can do:

Subcontract means any agreement or arrangement between a contractor and any
person (in which the parties do not stand in the relationship of an employer and an
For the purchase, sale or use of personal property or nonpersonal services which
in whole or in part, is necessary to the performance of any one or more contracts.
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